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Wednesday, July 29, 1829
Vol. II, no. 17
Page 2, col. 4a

We have understood that quite a dissatisfaction prevails among the people of the upper Districts, founded on false reports circulated respecting the late Delegation.  It is the policy of the whites to take advantage of the ignorance of many of the Cherokees, and we have not doubt they are now assiduous in attempting to create division and distrust among the people.  A report has some how originated, that the Delegation, during their late visit to Washington, ceded to the United States a portion of the Country; and this report is strengthened, in the view of many who are easily led astray by credulity, by the protracted silence of the Delegation, & the survey that has lately taken place.  It may be well, and we recommend it to the delegation to make the result of their Mission as public as possible.  It was the intention of the Principal Chief, with two others, to make a tour through the nation and report their doings, but the sickness of one of them has frustrated the design for the present.  One thing however is certain- the common people are jealous of their rights, and are ready at all times, to bring their chiefs to an account.  How does this accord with the assertion which has been frequently made, that the Cherokees are but slaves to their tyrannical chiefs?