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Wednesday July 15, 1829
Vol. II, no. 15
Page 2, col. 2b

 The eagerness which is manifested in Geo. to obtain the lands of the Cherokees has frequently led the journals of that state to deceive the people, by stating, that we are "making extensive preparations to remove to the west."  So desirable it is to get rid of these troublesome Cherokees, that every flying report is grasped at as an undoubted fact, & spread abroad to the rejoicing of thousands.  The late statement of the Georgia Journal, to which we have already referred, is a very good example. No sooner does this statement makes it appearance before we had time to take breath, & certainly before we had the opportunity of contradicting it, it is copied into many papers, and now there is v), paper with which we have the honor of exchanging, but what has informed its readers that "the Cherokees are making extensive preparations to remove."  We happen to know this to be an assertion without the least foundation. We hope the same papers will say on what they may consider "good authority," that the Cherokees are not making any preparations to remove, but on the contrary, that they continue to make improvements as heretofore.  We see houses erecting wherever we go-they are enlarging their farms-the progress of education is encouraging, and the improvement in morals has never been so flattering.- These are facts on which the public ma depend, until we shall inform them otherwise.  We know not what course the cherokees may finally determine to pursue, but we have no hesitation in stating the above as being most correct in regard to them at present.  We d not undertake to say that they will remain here at all hazards, for "persecution-what will it not accomplish?" as the Journal of Commerce remarks.  We know, however, the feelings of many individuals-in regard to them, we speak with confidence when we say, coercion alone will remove them to the western country allotted for the Indians.