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Cherokee  Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, June 24, 1829
Vol. II no. 12
Page 2, col. 1c

 The following is from the Savannah Georgian.  From what authority the editor of the Journal obtained his information we not not.
 The Cherokees we learn from the Georgia Journal, by which it is stated of good authority, are making extensive arrangements to go west of the Mississippi.  The whole of the Hicks family, are going.  Charles Hicks, it will be remembered, was, previous to his death, the head Chief, or King of the nation, a situation which he filled with great dignity, credit to himself, and usefulness to his people.  His family connexions still retain great weight in the councils of the nation; and when they go, the example, we think, will be extensively followed.  The correct stand taken by the present administration with regard to the Indians within the limits of that states, must have the best effects, not only in establishing the rights of the states, but, by tending to induce the emigration of the Indians, eventually to secure the most permanent and greatest benefit to them.