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Wednesday June 10, 1829
Vol. II, no. 10
Page 2 col. 3b

  Indians.- The following is the estimate made at the war-office of the whole number of Indians within the limits of the United States and their location.

 2,573 within the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Virginia.
 4,800 within the state of New York.
   200 within the state of Pennsylvania.
 3.100 within the state of N. Carolina
   800 within the state of S. Carolina.
 5,000 within the state of Georgia.
 1,000 within the state of Tennessee.
 1,877 within the state of Ohio.
    28,400 within the state of Mississippi
    19,200 within the state of Alabama
   939 within the state of Louisiana
 4,050 within the state of Indiana
 4,900 within the state of Illinois
 2,631 within the state of Missouri
 9.340 within the territory of Michigan
 7,200 within the territory of Arkansas
 4,000 within the territory of Florida
    20,200 within the country east of the Mississippi, north of   the state of Illinois, and west of the three upper   lakes.
    74,800 within the country west of the Mississippi, east of   the Rocky Mountains, and not included in the states   of Louisiana, or Missouri or the territory of Arkansas.
    20,000 within the Rocky Mountains.
    80,000 west of the Rocky Mountains, between latitude 44 and   49
    313,130 within the United States