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Wednesday, May 27, 1829
Vol. II, no. 8
Page 2, col. 4a

Our neighbors who regard no law, or pay no respect to the laws of humanity, are now reaping a plentiful harvest by the law of Georgia, which declares that no Indian shall be a party in any court created by the laws or constitution of that state.  These neighbors come over the line, and take the cattle belonging to the Cherokees.  The Cherokees go in pursuit of their property, but all that they can effect is, to see their cattle snugly kept in the lots of these robbers.  We are an abused people.  If we can receive no redress, we can feel deeply the injustice done to our rights.


 We understand that a party from Georgia, who say they are acting under the authority of Governor Forsyth, are now busy in running the line from Suawana Old Town to the Six's, &c.  The pretext is the very frivolous claim which has lately been brought to light.  We are told the Agent met the surveyors and requested them to desist, but they only laughed at him.