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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, April 29, 1829
Vol. II, no. 7
pg. 3 Col. 3b

 Married on the 3d of March, at the Asbury Missionary Institution, near Fort Mitchell, Creek Nation, by the Rev. Mr. Hill, Mr. James Hill of the U.S. Army, to Miss Amanda Doyle, a Creek pupil of the Institution.- This establishment is under the charge of Mr. and Mrs. Hill, who were desirous of showing the natives how this ceremony is performed in a refined state of society, and the highest encomiums are due them for their entire success.  Great exertion and ingenuity were necessary to accomplish it.- The company consisted of about twenty white persons and one hundred and fifty natives.  The bride and her two maids were dressed with great taste and propriety, according to the fashion of the age.  The groom and is two associates were in full military costume; and those persons present, accustomed to wedding scenes, pronounced this bridal party one of the handsomest they had ever witnessed.  After the marriage ceremony, the happy pair were congratulated with all good wishes; cake and wine were passed round,  and in due time a bountiful supper was partaken of by the whole company, and the evening passed off in the most agreeable manner possible.  All parties seemed delighted with the occasion.  A  number of strangers present, will never forget the kind and hospitable reception given them by Mr. and Mrs. Hill.- Georgia Courier.


Pg. 3 Col. 5b


 In this town, on Thursday evening last, by Rev. S. A. Worcester, Mr.John F. Wheeler Printer of the Cherokee Phoenix, to Miss Nancy Watie of Oougilogee.