Cherokee Phoenix


Published April, 8, 1829

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The number of the several tribes which remain at this time, within the limits of New York amounts to 5184. Their land, which consists of reservations secured to them by treaty, is believed to be 248,575 acres. They have abandoned, in a great degree, the hunter state, for the more certain, but laborious pursuits of agriculture. The laudable attempts which have been made to Christianize them have been crowned with the success which was anticipated.

In Ohio, their number is estimated at 2,407- their lands at 405,101 acres. Among several of the tribes in this State, the use of spirituous liquors is interdicted. They are said to have reached a point of civilization highly cheering to those by whose instrumentality it has been effected. Many of them have comfortable dwellings and neat farms, and are in every respect upon an equality with their white neighbors.

Michigan and North West Territory. The number 28,330, land 7,056,920. They live by hunting and fishing-have made little progress in civilization and are much addicted to the use of ardent spirits.

Indiana and Illinois- Number 117,005 land 15,418,560. Like those just mentioned, they have felt but in a slight degree, the ameliorating influences of civilization and Christianity.

Southern States East of the Mississippi. Number 62,122, land 32,476,806., These tribes have become very much mixed by intermarriages with the whites, and have outstripped all their brethren in the march of improvement. The mechanic arts have been introduced among them, and agriculture is successfully pursued. Many of them are professing Christians, and have contributed with a generous hand to the support of schools established among them.

West of the Mississippi- The whole number West of the Mississippi is computed at 350,079. The most of the tribes which are spread over this vast extent of country are yet in a state of savage barbarity.

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