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Wednesday April 1, 1829
Vol. II, no. 3
Page 2, col. 3b

 A DISCOVERY.- The Georgians, having come into possession of the Creek Indian lands lying within the State, and finding a little more difficulty in securing the Cherokee lands.- it has been all at once discovered a large tract of said lands was once the property of the Creeks, and "now, of right' belongs to Georgia!!"  The tract in question, "embraces the best part of the Cherokee lands in the State;" and is sufficient "to make three or four respectable Counties."  The evidence, to be sure, is wholly ex-parte: but no matter, the testimony of an Indian is good for nothing; and indeed it is a positive injunction of the statute, that "no Indian, and no descendant of an Indian, not understanding the English language [which very few of them do,] shall be deemed a competent witness in any Court of Justice created by the Constitution and laws of the State."

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