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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, March 18, 1829
Vol. II, no. 1
Page 2, col. 2b

     Complaints have been made to us by some of our subscribers,
that they do not receive the Phoenix regularly.  The delinquency
must rest on the Post Masters, for we deposit our papers
regularly on Wednesday evening, in the post office at this

     During the last and previous week, we have received a number
of orders from our subscribers to discontinue their papers.  We
tender our thanks to those who have forwarded us our little dues.
But some have only sent us orders to stop, and not a cent to pay
for your year's labour.  When do they intend to pay us?  Others
have paid us only $2.50, when $3.50 was due.  We hope a word to
the wise will be sufficient.

     By the last mail we received several interesting Cherokee
communications, which, if our time would allow, we should be glad
to present to our English readers.  Most of them are from Creek
Path, which has afforded more emigrants than any single
neighborhood in the nation.  It appears that a meeting was held
there, for the purpose of ascertaining the views and feelings of
the people on the subject of emigration.  We learn, with the
exception of those who have already emigrated, that the people
are opposed to it.  We learn further, that some of those who
leave the country as emigrants do not go peaceably.  They move
off clandestinely in order to avoid paying their just debts.