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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, March 18, 1829
Vol. II, no. 1
Page 2, col. 2b

 We understand from a worthy correspondent in the Valley
Towns, in this nation, that there is quite an attention to
religion in that section.  He writes to us.  "I received fifty
copies of the Hymn Book by F. -- and they have only produced an
ardent thirst for more, without satisfying it.  I wish you to
forward more without delay.  You would be greatly pleased to
witness the attention to the Gospel which is manifested all
through the Valley Towns, and I have good hopes that the Spirit
of God has wrought an effectual change in the hearts of some.
*                       *               *                 *

  I hope you will soon have the little Scripture tract ready
for distribution.  The people here are hungering for the word of
God.  As soon as they are ready, do not fail to send me some."