Cherokee Phoenix


Published February, 25, 1829

Page 1 Column 5b


The following is an extract of a letter to the Editor, from a respectable citizen of Miller County dated 16th inst.

'With deep concern, I have to inform you of more Indian hostilities.' A Mr. Whitesides has just returned from a trip to the Comanche country. His company, four in number, were all killed! Mr. JOEL DYER, of Hempstead County was among the number. The Indians commenced trading with them in a seeming friendly manner, but soon Mr. Whitesides made his escape by leaping down a high bluff and concealed himself in a thicket, until night, when he returned, and saw the bodies of his murdered companions. He picked up a few scraps of meat (having no gun), on which he subsisted sparingly ten days, after which he was five days without any provisions before he reached our settlements.

'These prairie Indians doubtless intend making war on the white inhabitants of this frontier, which is greatly exposed; and it is to be feared that much damage will be done in the spring if not sooner, unless the government increase the force at Cantonment Towson. It is really singular that it has been so long neglected.'

Ark. Gaz.