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Wednesday, February 11, 1829
Volume 1 No. 48
Page 2 Col. 2b

 The Cherokees.- We understand that considerable excitement and alarm exists at this time among the Cherokees in this Territory which has been caused by a late forcible wresting of property from them by some of their white neighbors.  It appears, that a number of negroes were found in the possession of some of the Cherokees, who are alleged to have belonged to a man who was murdered and robbed by a party of that nation on the Tennessee River, upwards of 30 years ago.  Some of the identical negroes who were stolen, it is alleged are among them, and the others claimed are said to be the descendants of those who were stolen.  A citizen of Crawford County has set up a claim to them, either by purchase, or otherwise; and recently, without any legal process, proceeded with a party of men to the nation, and forcibly seized and carried off eight of them.  This arbitrary proceeding has produced great sensation among the Indians who are apprehensive that it is only a prelude to other similar aggressions.  Some of them, we understand, keep a close watch over their property, and declare their intention of protecting it with their lives; but we have not heard of their making any threats of endeavoring to retake the property which has been forcibly wrested from them.  They will demand its restitution of the government, and if their claim is a just one, we hope and trust that the property will be restored to them.  We know nothing of the validity of the adverse claim which has been set up to it, but we are clearly of opinion that, whether it be valid or invalid, the step taken to get possession of it is irregular and illegal.- Measures, we understand, are in a train, for placing the property in safe hands until such time as a legal investigation shall adjudge it to its rightful owners.- Ark. Gaz