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Wednesday, February 11, 1829
Volume 1 No. 48
Page 2 Col 4b-5a

 To Christian Readers. We have for sometime been impressed with the importance of engaging the sympathies and prayers of the Christian community for the Indians, particularly for the Cherokee.- We now, at this time, especially need the prayers of God's people- The present period is an interesting one with us.  We are on one side encouraged by the consideration that our religions and moral improvement is progressing; on the other, we have all reason to think that measures are in operation, whose tendency is to defeat this improvement.  Every true Christian will desire that the happy work commenced among the Cherokees may ultimately be accomplished.  This work, God will certainly accomplish through the instrumentality of his people.- by means of earnest and effectual prayer.

 But our intention is not to lecture our Christian friends- All what we want is their prayers.  We earnestly wish them to replicate the throne of grace for the Cherokees.  We desire them to pray that the hearts of the members of the General Government may be turned into kindness- and that religion, education, and the various arts of civilized life may be made to prosper and flourish.  Are not these objects worthy of prayer?  Do they not now particularly demand the attention of Christians?  "Brethren pray for us."