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Wednesday, February 4, 1829
Volume 1 No. 47
Page 2 Col. 3a-4a

WHEREAS my wife ELIZABETH has, without any cause whatever, absented herself from my lodgings, all persons are hereby cautioned against harboring and protecting her, or forming any bargains or contracts with her, as the subscriber, is determined not to be responsible for them.
 Conasauga, C.N. Jan. 7
(N.B. This notice first appeared in the Jan. 14. edition under "classified" ads)

 Mr. Elias Boudinott,

 Dear Sir:- In your last number, I find where my husband James Petit advertises me for being absenting myself from his lodgings without any cause and cautions all persons from harboring or protecting me or forming any contracts with me, as he is determined not to pay any of my contracts.  Sir, I must let a generous public know my reasons for leaving his lodging.  I did it when I was ordered.  I did not carry away any of his keys. I was compelled to do what I have done- he has killed nearly all of my stock, for which I shall want  pay.  You will please give this an insertion in your paper, and oblige an injured woman.

 Be it known to all whom it may concern, that, from and after this present date, no advertisement similar to the one complained of above will be inserted in the Phoenix, except when the advertising person produces good reason to the editor to show that he or she has just cause of complaint.