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Wednesday, January 28, 1829
Volume 1 No. 46
Page 2 Col. 1b.

  From the Macon Telegraph.

 The Cherokees.- Among the Acts passed at the late session of our Legislature is one "to add the territory lying within the limits of this State and occupied by the Cherokee Indians to the counties of Caroll (sic), Dekalb (sic), Gwinett, Hall and Habersham, and to extend the laws of this State over the same, and for other purposes."  The following is a synopsis of its provisions:

 The Territory lying between the Alabama line and Old Path leading from the Buzard's (sic) Roost on the Chatahoochie River, to Sally Hughes where the said path strikes the Alabama River, thence with said road to the boundary of Georgia, is added to Carroll.

 All that part lying north of the last mentioned line, and south of the roads running from Charles Tate's Ferry, on the Chatahoochie River, to Dick Roe's, to where it intersects with the path aforesaid, is added to DeKalb.

 All that part lying north of the last mentioned line, and south of a line to begin on the Chestatee River, at the mouth of Yoholo Creek, thence up said creek, to the top of the Blue Ridge, thence to the head waters of Notley River, thence down said river, to the boundary line of Georgia, is added to Hall.  All that part lying north of the last mentioned line, within the limits of Georgia, is added to Habersham.

 All white person to be subject and liable to the laws of the State.

 After the 1st of June, 1830, all Indians residing in said Territory, and within any one of the above counties, to be liable to such laws as the Legislature may hereafter prescribe.    All laws, usages, &c. made and enforced in said Territory, by the Indians, to be null and void after the 1st of June, 1830.  No Indian, or descendant of Indians, residing within the Creek or Cherokee Nations of Indians, to be a competent witness, or a party to any suit to which a white man is a party.