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Wednesday, January 28, 1829
Volume 1 No. 46
Page 1 Col. 5a.

When the state of Georgia has been utterly unsuccessful in her attempts to remove the Cherokees, by fair and honorable means, she is now trying the effects of oppression, and the slow process of coercion.  We know very well the design of the act of which the following is the substance.  If Georgia succeeds and finally attains her end by such anti-Christian and anti-republican measures, she will have a tremendous amount to render at the bar of eternal justice.  We know that we are weak and comparatively insignificant, (for which reason such acts are the more unbecoming and disgraceful) and further, that we are dependent for protection on the General Government, and that the final issue must be brought about  by her policy and disposition towards us.  If she consents to the doings of Georgia, we shall fall a prey to our surrounding neighbours (sic), and the United States will deliberately, and we believe  in violation of plighted treaties, sacrifice to the cupidity and intolerance of a single State, her loyal friends for the Cherokees; within the last thirty or forty years, have proved themselves such.  Within that period they have not raised the tomahawk against any of their elder brothers, but have, when occasion presented, fought and bled at their side, more bravely than their present persecutors, whom they were then defending.  For our loyalty are we to be rewarded with oppression?  Let the thinking public and the Christian world answer, to whom we make our appeal.