Cherokee Phoenix


Published January, 28, 1829

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January 6th.

On motion of Mr. Lumpkins, it was

Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to cause to be laid before this House, (if it should not be deemed incompatible with the Public interest) such information as will clearly exhibit what had been done under the act of the 9th May last, appropriating fifty thousand dollars, to enable the President of the United States to carry into affect the articles of agreement and cession on the 24th April, 1802, between the United States and the State of Georgia; ' also, what has been done with a view to promote the aforesaid object, as provided for and pointed out in the 8th article of the treaty of May last, entered into with the Cherokee Indians who reside west of the Missouri River.

And especially, what number of Indians located within the boundary of Georgia, have accepted of the provisions of said treaty, as contained in the aforesaid article, and what are the principal obstacles which tend to prevent the Indians located in Georgia from acceding to the terms proposed to them in said treaty.

Mr. Owen moved the following resolution.

Resolved. That the President of the United States be requested to cause to be communicated, in relation to the claims on Georgia, embraced or intended to be embraced in the provisions of the Treaty of 1821, held at the Indians Springs with the Creek Indians, and any information in his possession in relation to the claims of the said nation of Indians, for such surplus, if there should be any, of the sum stipulated in said treaty as an indemnity to Georgia.