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Wednesday, January 21, 1829
Volume 1 No. 45
Page 2 Col. 3a

  Cherokee Improvements.- The acting Governor of this Territory, we understand, has recently received instruction from the Secretary of War relative to the disposition to be made of the tenements and improvements of the Cherokees, in the tract of country recently ceded to the United States, which will cause considerable disappointment to many persons who have made arrangements for occupying a number of them, as soon as they shall be vacated by the removal of the Cherokees.  Those instructions, we are informed, direct, that improvements which shall be appraised, agreeable to the treaty, at $200 or upwards, shall be rented or leased out from year to year, until the lands shall be surveyed and sold by government.  This  disposition of the improvements, we are inclined to believe, will not be much liked, by several persons, who have been at considerable expense to purchase the possession of some of the most valuable of them from the Indians, and who will now be compelled to pay an additional sum to the government, or relinquish what they have already paid to the Indians.  To obviate all difficulties on this score, we hope the government will lose no time in surveying and bringing these lands into market, and thereby afford an opportunity to all who are really desirous of securing the improvements made by the Cherokees, of obtaining a legal possession of and title to them.
       Ar. Gaz.