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The Cherokee Phoenix website has been relaunched, and the transcription files have new names. This file is from the old site and will be removed in the future. To find this transcription at its new location, please see the transcription index for this issue.

Cherokee Phoenix
Vol. I No. 44
Wednesday January 14, 1829
Pg. 3 Col. 3a

 MR. EDITOR,- In your last number I noticed a few errors in the piece over my signature, which I have taken the liberty to correct.  In the fifth line from the top, for the word stone read stones.  In line 9 for literatic  read literati.  In line 13 for dates read data. In line 15 for  Tuod erat demonstration read Quod erat demonstrandum.  In line 41 for most read must.  And in the next line the word one should be inserted after Iron.  In line 48 for Vulcano read Vulcan.- In line 52 Valcano  read Volcano.- In line 62 for discouraged  read discharged.  In line 78 for mackel read nickel, and in the next line for selex  read silex In line 91 for than read in.- In line 100 after tends the word it should  be inserted.  In line 102 to  read in.

  Yours &c.