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Cherokee Phoenix
Vol. 1 No. 43
Wednesday January 7, 1829
Pg. 1 Col. 1b


 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, in General Council convened,  That if any person or persons, not citizens of the Cherokee Nation, shall bring into the Cherokee Nation at the seat of Government, during the sitting of the General council, any shows such as wax figures, or such as lay actors, such person or persons shall pay a tax of eight dollars, for the benefit of the Treasury of the Cherokee Nation.

 New Echota, 18th October, 1828
  LEWIS ROSS, Pres't Com.
 Concurred, GOING SNAKE, Speaker
 Approved, JNO. ROSS.

 Resolved by the Committee and Council, in General Council convened,  That the law passed November 12th 1822, authorizing the several Circuit Judges, to preside over the Supreme Court, and the law passed 14th October, 1825, requiring the Circuit Judges of the Several Districts to review and decide upon all cases, appealed from the District Courts, be, and the same are hereby,repealed; and in lieu thereof, the Supreme Judges elected agreeably to the Constitution, shall compose the Supreme Court, and shall have full power to try, and decide all cases upon the Supreme Court docket, that remain untried, which may come under the jurisdiction of the laws of the Nation,and shall have complete cognizance of all cases appealed from the several circuit Courts, as may be pointed out by law.  The Supreme Court shall also have power to act and decide upon criminal cases without reference to appeals from the Circuit Courts.

  New Echota, Oct. 18th 1828.
  LEWIS ROSS, Pres't Com.
 Concur'd-GOING SNAKE, Sp'k'r Coun.
 Approv'd JNO. ROSS.

 Resolved by the Committee and Council in General Council convened,  That the Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation shall commence its session on the second Monday of October in each year, at New Echota.

  Be it further Resolved, that such session of the Supreme Court shall not continue longer than three weeks.
 Be it further Resolved, That in case the Supreme Court docket shall be cleared before the expiration of the above mentioned time, it shall adjourn until the next annual session.
  Be it further Resolved, That the compensation of the Supreme Judges shall be,for each of them, four Dollars per day, during the sitting of the Supreme Court.
 New Echota, Oct. 20th 1828.
 LEWIS ROSS. Pres't Com.
 Concur'd, GOING SNAKE,Sp'k'r Coun.
 Approv'd JNO. ROSS.


 Resolved by the Committee and Council, in General Council convened, That the National Marshal shall enter into a bond with sufficient securities, in a penal sum of five thousand dollars, for the faithful performance of the duties that may be required of him.
 Be it further Resolved, That it shall be his duty to attend the Supreme Court annually during its session, and to execute all decisions which may be made, or have it done by the sheriffs of the several Districts, and all other business in which the Cherokee Nation may become a party,within the jurisdiction of the Nation.
  Be it further Resolved,  That he shall receive for services, a salary of one hundred Dollars per annum, and shall so be allowed 8 per cent for collection.
  New Echota, Oct.21th (sic), 1826.
  LEWIS ROSS,Pres't Comm.
 Concurr'd GOING SNAKE,Sp'k'r. Coun.
 Approv'd, JNO. ROSS.


 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, in General Council convened; That all officers, appointed under the authority of this Nation, who are required to give bond and sufficient security, for the faithful performance of their duties, and whose offices require a Commission from the principal Chief, shall e required to enter into bonds with the Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation,and shall be required to produce a certificate from the managers of the election, certifying that they have been legally elected; and it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive their bonds,and issue a certificate to each officer so bound, which, when presented to the Principal Chief, shall be sufficient evidence for his commission to be granted.
 New Echota, 22nd October 1828.

  LEWIS ROSS.Pres't Com.
 Concurred, GOING SNAKE,Speaker
 Approved, JNO. ROSS.

 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, in General Council convened, That so much of the law passed 24th October, 1827, supplementary to the law passed 5th Nov, 1825, requiring the Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation to call in all monies, loaned out of the Treasury, on the first Monday in October, 1828, be, and the same is hereby repealed.'
 Be it further Resolved,That any person or persons, who may be owing the National Treasury by bond for loaned money, shall be allowed on month, from the passage of this resolution, to renew his bond or their bonds int he Treasury, by paying up the interest due thereon and giving sufficient securities; and that they shall be required to pay up the full amount of their bonds with the interest, by three installments,six months, each, the first instalment and interest to be paid seven months after the passing of this resolution, and the second installment to be paid six months thereafter, &c.
 Be it further Resolved,That in case any person or persons who may fail to renew his bond or their bonds, by paying up the interest, within the space of one month, as provided above, the Treasurer shall proceed to have the full amount of his bond or their bonds, with the interest due thereon, collected, agreeably to law.
 New Echota, October 22nd, 1828.
 LEWIS ROSS.Pres't Committee,
 Concurr'd GOING SNAKE,Sp'k'r Coun.
 Approved-JNO. ROSS.

 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, in General Council convened, That the resolution passed 24th Oct. 1827, prolonging the suspension of the poll tax law, be, and the same is hereby prolonged for the term of one year,and the law imposing a tax on citizen merchants, is also hereby suspended for the above mentioned term.
  New Echota, Oct. 28th 1828.
 LEWIS ROSS.Pres't Com.
 Concur'd GOING SNAKE,Sp'k'r. Coun.
 Approved.-JNO. ROSS.


 Resolved by the Committee and Council, in General Council convened,That there shall be appointed, by the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, two committees, of two members each, one in each judicial circuit, whose duty it shall be to visit the different schools in the Nation, within the respective districts of their circuits at the public examinations of said schools, once a year, and to report to the General Council annually, on the number of scholars progress of education, &c.
 Be it further Resolved, That they shall be paid one dollar per day, while in actual service out of any monies in the National Treasury not otherwise appropriated.
 New Echota, Oct. 30th 1828.
 LEWIS ROSS, Pres't Committee
 Concurred-GOING SNAKE-Speaker.
 Approved.-JNO. ROSS.

 Resolved by the Committee and Council in General Council convened, T%hat it shall not be lawful to exact toll or ferriage at any of the turnpikes, toll-bridges, or ferries within the limits of the Cherokee Nation from citizens of the Nation.
 New Echota, Nov. 4th 1828.
 LEWIS ROSS,Pres't Com.
 Concur'd-GOING SNAKE-Sp'k'r. Coun.
 Approved-JNO. ROSS.