Cherokee Phoenix

The Cherokees east of the Missippi

Published December, 29, 1828

Page 2 Column 3b

The Cherokees east of the Missippi

The following is an extract of a letter, to the Editor, from an intelligent gentleman at Gunter's Landing, Alabama, date 4th ult. Ark. Gaz.

'Boats and other preparations are making to move on [to Arkansas] a considerable number of Cherokees, under the late mode of enlistment adopted by the government; and notwithstanding much opposition is made by the most of the intelligent part of the nation, it is believed by them, that the Cherokees cannot exist much longer, as a nation, distinct from those of the Mississippi.'

We refer our readers to the extract of a letter from a respectable Gentleman, inserted in another column of our paper. It will there be seen that this 'late mode of enlistment' has so far been unsuccessful.