Cherokee Phoenix

[repeated in vol. 1, no. 43]

Published December, 29, 1828

Page 3 Column 5a

[repeated in vol. 1, no. 43]

To the undertakers to keep in good repair the Federal Road

WHEREAS, a resolution was passed by the National Committee and Council on the 25th of October, 1824, that the road from Chattahoochy to May's Ferry on Highwassee River, and also the one to Blythe's Ferry on Tennessee River and the one to Walker's Ferry on Highwassee River, should be let out to the lowest bidder, for the term of five years commencing on the 1st of December, 1824, on the following conditions, to wit:

The road to be cut twenty four feet wide, clear of trees, and the causwaying to be covered with dirt, together with the digging of mountains and hills, to be fourteen feet wide, clear of rocks, roots and grubs.

I hereby make known to the undertakers of the different share of said road that, there will a commissioner appointed to review said road by the 25h of March next, and if said road, or any part thereof, be found not to be in the order as prescribed by law, I shall proceed to institute suit against all undertakers failing to have their shares in the order required by law.

J.M. Lynch, N. Marshal

Dec., 29, 1828. 42 l.