Cherokee Phoenix


Published December, 10, 1828

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 10, 1828

A Savannah paper, speaking on the Message of the principal Chiefs of the Cherokee Nation, has the following words.

'In turn, the state of Georgia asks upon what principle of Natural Right it is, that the Indian claims to hold immense bodies of Forest land, which manifestly he cannot cultivate? A question in Ethics that can be easily solved by the Lawyer or Missionary who wrote the Message.'

Though we are not the Lawyer or Missionary who wrote the Message, yet we take upon ourselves to say, that the Indian claims his land upon a better right, than the white man has to monopolize this same land, and with republican tyranny expel its original occupants.


Presidential election.- It is now certain that Gen. Jackson is elected President of the United States, by a large majority, probably between 80 and 90 votes. The Jackson ticket in the States of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana has prevailed.