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Cherokee Phoenix
Vol. I No. 40
Wednesday December 3, 1828
Pg. 3 Col. 3a


         Detroit, Oct. 23

 At the late special session of the Circuit Court for Crawford county, held at Prairie du Chien, Judge Doty presiding, the Winnebago Indians, Wan-i-ga, (the Sun) and Chick-hong-sic, (the Petit Boeuf,) were tried for murder of Gagnier and Lipcap, at that place, on the 24th of June, 1827.  They were found guilty, and sentenced to be hanged on the 26th of December next.  In the case of the Indians imprisoned for the murder of Methode and his family, near Lake Pepin, in 1824,  a nolle prosequi was entered, and the prisoners discharged.  Two other Indians imprisoned for firing upon the keel boats on the 30th June, 1827, were also discharged, no bills having been found against them.