Cherokee Phoenix


Published November, 26, 1828

Page 3 Column 4b-5a


AT THIS OFFICE, A JOURNEYMAN, of industrious habits, who understands his business. To such an one, employment will be given for 12 months, if application is made between this date and the first of January.

Nov. 26, 1828.



SEALED proposals will be received; at my office, in Coosewaytee, until the first day of February, for the building of a COURT HOUSE at New Echota, of the following description.

The House to be framed, twenty four feet by twenty in dimensions, two stories high, lower story ten feet and the upper story nine feet high, shingled roof of yellow poplar singles, one staircase, one door on each side of the house with plain batten shutters, two fifteen light windows in each side of the house above and below, also two windows at the end, in the lower story, where the Judge's bench is to be erected.- The weather boarding of the house is to be rough, but jointed; the floors are likewise to be rough. The lower floor to be of square joint, but the upper floor tongued and grooved. The platform for the Judge's bench is to be three feet high, eight feet long, and three feet wide, and banistered [sic], steps at each end, with a seat the whole length of the platform. There are also to be half a dozen dressed pine benches of ten or twelve feet long. The foundation of the house is to be of good rock or brick, and raised two feet above the ground.

The person or persons contracting for the above mentioned building are required to furnish lumber, nails, glass, hinges, locks and other necessary articles. The lowest bidder is to have the contract, who will be required to give bond and good security for the faithful execution of the work, in a workman-like manner, to be completed by the second Monday in October 1829.


Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation

Nov. 26, 1828.