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Wednesday, November 12, 1828
Volume 1 No. 37
Page 3 Col. 5b


 J. S. W. WHITE, from the city of New York, respectfully informs the citizens of the Cherokee Nation, that he intends carrying on the business of HOUSE BUILDING AND CABINET MAKING in a manner superior to any that has been done, & in the most fashionable manner, equal to that of N. York or Baltimore, and Superior to any work of the kind in this part of the Country.  He will work as cheap as any workman, and in a better manner than can be done.  He has got Mahogany and materials of the best quality.
 N. B. He will take apprentices in the above business.  Any native who will come with good recommendation and of steady habits will be received and taught in the above business.
 Persons wishing to build can be supplied with a plan and elevation of any house that may be wanting.
 For further information please apply to Messrs David Vann and John Ridge.
 Nov. 12. 1828.