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Wednesday, November 12, 1828
Volume 1 No. 37
Page 2 Col. 3a

 Extract of a letter from William Thornton, to the Editor of the Phoenix dated,

 I understand that two of our people are in your nation hunting emigrants to this nation-they are to come without lands, we don't approve of this-and I hope that they will not be countenanced.  That part of the Delegation that has arrived are all broke and silenced forever, and the others will fare the same way.  I have a letter written (now to put in mail) by the Sub. Agent, at the request of the greater part of the Nation, saying that the delegation had no instructions to make such a Treaty, and they have  acted with fraud and deception, therefore they consider the treaty made void until a further understanding.  They have also asked permission for another Delegation to go on, in order that they may have a fair understanding with the United States.