Cherokee Phoenix

From the Courtland Herald

Published November, 12, 1828

Page 3 Column 4b

From the Courtland Herald.

You are respectfully requested to publish the Resolutions herewith communicated; ' brother Editors, friendly to the cause of Temperance and the observance of the Sabbath, it is hoped, will, through the medium of their papers, aid in this good work by copying these resolutions.


The Presbytery of North Alabama view with great satisfaction, the spirited and Christian efforts that are making in some parts of our land to arrest the violation of the Holy Sabbath; and depending on the blessing of the great Head of the Church, the Presbytery would 'come to the help of the Lord, to help of the Lord against the mighty.' It is therefore

Resolved, That it is the sense of this Presbytery, that the travelling under common circumstances, which is so much practised [sic] in the community, and even by members of our Church, is a plain, a growing and awful profanation of the Christian Sabbath.

Resolved, That the presbytery enjoin, and they do hereby enjoin it upon all our sessions, to be strict in enforcing the discipline of the Church in every case of violation of the Sabbath which may come to their knowledge.

The Presbytery have to lament, that in several instances, professing christians, when on a common journey, have refused to 'rest according to the commandment,' even when an opportunity offered of spending holy time in worshipping with God's people in the sanctuary.

And they do enjoin on the members of the church, individually, a strict observance of the Christian Sabbath, particularly that they abstain from travelling under common circumstances, and from all other violations of a day. the observance of which is so intimately connected with the prosperity of Zion.

The Presbytery of North Alabama taking into consideration the great and deplorable extent, and the fatal consequences of intemperance.

Resolve, That they will not only abstain from the use of ardent spirits themselves, and prohibit the use of them in their families, except for medical purposes-but that they will use their utmost influence to discountenance the vice, and actively engage in promoting the interest of those associations, which have in special view, the suppression of this great and growing evil.

By order of Presbytery,


Stated Clerk.

Moulton, Sept. 13, 1828.