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Wednesday, October  22, 1828
Volume 1 No. 34
Page 2 Col. 3b-4a


 We are requested to insert the extract of a letter from Capt. John Rodgers, dated July 31, 1828.

 Maj. Ew. Duval.
 Dear Sir: "In my last letter I informed you there was to be a General Council on the 18th inst. which I expected to attend but did not, owing to false information.  The council came on sooner than was stated to me, & was at the Agency instead of being at Horse Head as was first represented to me.  The object of the meeting was to explain to the people of the nation the transactions of the delegation while at Washington.  And from the best information I can get the people at this time are generally satisfied, and a number of those that were very hostile before they were brought fully to understand the nature of the Treaty are now the best satisfied, if any difference.  They are now and have been for some time past engaged in selecting them places to move to in the purchase.  With regard to the whites that were settled in the purchase they appeared to be well pleased with donations of land, but two thirds of them have sold their claims for very trifling."