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Wednesday, October 22, 1828
Volume 1 No. 34
Page 1 Col. 1b-5b
Page 2 Col. 1a-2a


 The National Committee met, on Monday 13th October, agreeably to the provision of the Constitution, at New Echota, when there not appearing a quorum of members, they adjourned to meet on Tuesday 10 o' clock October 14.

 Richard Taylor} Chickamauga
 John F. Baldridge}
 Edward Gunter}  Chattooga
 Dan'l Griffin Jr.}

 Joseph Vann}  Coosewatee
 George Sanders.}

 David Vann}  High Tower
 Jos. Vann}

 James Daniel}  Hickory Log.
 Saml. Downing}

 William Bolen}  Tahquohee
 Alexander M'Daniel}

 Samuel Ward}  Aquohee
 John Timson}

 Thomas Foreman} A-Mo-Hee
 Lewis Ross}
   Tuesday, Oct. 14
 The National Committee met agreeably to adjournment when, a quorum being formed, they proceeded to the election of a President and Clerk Pro. Tem.  Lewis Ross was elected President, and David Vann Clerk.- After which, they proceeded to the examination of the certificates and returns of the members, when each produced his certificate, was qualified, and took his seat.

 The house adjourned to meet Wednesday, 9 o'clock, October 15th.
    Wednesday Oct. 15
 The House met agreeably to adjournment, and proceeded to election of a President and Clerk for the session.  Lewis Ross was elected President, and William S. Coody clerk.  The House being organized, proceeded to business.

Rules for the regulation of the National Committee.
 The following rules were submitted by Messrs. James Daniel, Joseph Vann and David Vann and adopted by the House.
 1. Each member shall be seated, and whenever he wishes to address President he shall rise up in his place.
 2. No member shall be allowed to speak more than twice upon any resolution, or bill, but with the consent of the President.
  3. Whenever a member shall introduce a bill or resolution, it shall be in writing, unless for adjournment, or the previous question.
 4. When two members rise to speak at the same time, the President shall decide who shall take the floor.
 5. Whenever a member is called to order by the President, or a member, he shall sit down, or explain before he shall be permitted to continue the debate.
 6. When a communication is received by the Committee, from the Principal Chiefs or Council, all debate shall be discontinued until the bearer leaves the Committee room.
 7. Each member that absents himself fifteen minutes after the time appointed (by adjournment) for meeting, shall forfeit twenty five cents, and for every half hour thereafter twenty five cents more, unless a good excuse be made, which shall be adjudged by the Committee.
 8. Should any member, after the meeting of the House agreeable to adjournment, absent himself more than five minutes he shall pay twelve and a half cents for every fifteen minutes thereafter.

 Edward Gunter and Daniel Griffin were appointed a Committee to inform the National Council, that the National Committee was organized, and ready to proceed to business.  James Daniel and Jos. Vann (of Coosewaytee) were appointed to form a joint committee, and to wait on the Principal Chiefs, and inform them that both Houses were organized and ready to receive any communication from them.

 A communication was received from the Principal Chiefs, read and interpreted in joint committee of the whole.
 The Committee adjourned to Thursday 9 o'clock October 16th.
       Thursday Oct. 16th.
 The communication from the Principal Chiefs was read, and explained in Cherokee.  On motion of Jos. Vann of Coosewatee, the Committee made an appropriation for erecting railing in the Committee Chamber, which was agreed to by the Council.  It was decided that elections for the Principal Chief should take place on Friday Oct. 17th.
       Friday Oct. 17th.
 Mr. Richard Taylor appeared, produced his certificate, was sworn and took his seat.  R. Taylor was elected interpreter for the house.

 The Committee and Council formed a joint Committee of the whole, and proceeded to elect the principal Chief, the assistant principal Chief and other officers according to the provisions of the Constitution.  William Hicks and John Ross were nominated candidates for the office of the Principal Chief and George Lowrey assistant principal Chief.  John Ross and George Lowrey were declared duly elected as Principal Chiefs of the Cherokee Nation for the term of four years.  Messrs. William Hicks, Major Ridge and Maj. George M. Waters were elected executive Counselors.  Messrs Walter S. Adair, Andrew Ross and John Huss, were duly elected Supreme Judges of the Cherokee Nation.  Mr. Joseph Lynch was elected Marshal.  There appearing no other candidate, John Martin was declared Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation.

 The Committee passed a resolution, which was agreed to by the Council, authorizing the judges of the Supreme Court appointed according to the provision of the Constitution, to decide on all cases appealed from the District Courts.

       Saturday Oct. 18th.

 The Committee met according to adjournment.  A petition from George Candy was read, praying the National Council for a grant of a set of blacksmith tools, in accordance with a provision made Oct. 26th 1820.  Fifty seven Dollars and twenty five cents was appropriated for the benefit of the Petitioner.

 A communication was received from the principal Chief, recommending a resolution in lieu of another adopted on Friday by the Committee and Council, organizing the Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation.  It was adopted without a dissenting vote, and sent to the lower House.

 Margaret Reid appeared & presented a petition, claiming the right of citizenship, and praying the privilege of remaining in the Nation, until she could procure proofs to authenticate her right to this Country.  The petition was rejected, only two voting for it.

 A resolution from the lower House imposing a tax of eight Dollars on persons introducing shows in New Echota during the session of the General Council, was laid before the Committee, and adopted.
 The Committee adjourned to met on Monday 9 o'clock, Oct. 20th.

      Monday Oct. 20th.

 The Committee met according to adjournment.

 Messrs. David Vann, James Daniel and Edward Gunter, were appointed a select committee, to take into consideration so much of the principal Chiefs Message as relates to the judiciary system, and to report to this house such laws and regulations as they may deem expedient to be made.

 On motion it was resolved that the pay of the Judges of the Supreme Court be four Dollars per day and that their sessions be limited to three weeks in each year.

 Mr. Elijah Hicks appeared, and proposed to sell his house for the use of the Supreme Court. His proposition was rejected without a dissenting vote.

 The Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation made a report on the state of funds.


 This body was organized on Wednesday October 15th.  Going Snake was appointed Speaker, and Alexander M'Coy Clerk.  For want of assistance, we have thought proper to dispense with publishing the Minutes of this House.  It is composed of the following members.

  Charles Reece,}
  Sleeping Rabbit} Chickamauga
  Tsu Nung-gee}

  Archibald Campbell,}
  Bark,}   Chattooga
  Laughing Mush,}

  White Path}
  Da-Ye-Ske}  Coosewatee.

  Walking Stick,}
  Turtle,}   High-Tower

  Moses Parris,}
  John R. Dowel,} Hickory Log.
  Slim Fellow}

  Cricket.}   Taquohee

  De-Geh-Le-Loo-Gee,} Aquohee.
  Robert Musk Rat,}

  Going Snake,}
  James Bigby.}  Ah-mohee.
  Deer in the Water,}