Cherokee Phoenix

To all my friends, and Cherokee citizens generally

Published October, 15, 1828

Page 3 Column 5b

To all my friends, and Cherokee citizens generally.

I would hereby give notice that I intend, by leave of Providence, to open a boarding house about the first of November next, near the Mission School in this town, where I will supply children under twelve years of age, with board and washing for one dollar per week, and youth over twelve years of age with board exclusive of washing, for the same price. But should any youth over twelve or thirteen years of age wish to enter the boarding house, they will please to produce satisfactory testimonials with regard to their moral character.

For the satisfaction of all who may wish to support their children at School, I would state that Messrs. William Hicks, Alexander M'Coy, and Elias Boudinott have had the kindness to accept the appointment of Committee to visit and examine the School once in three months viz. on the first Tuesday of January, March, June and September, when they will report through the medium of the Cherokee Phoenix the state and improvement of the School.

MARY ROWE for her father


High Tower, Oct. 15, 1828.