Cherokee Phoenix


Published October, 1, 1828

Page 4 Column 4b


Franklin, (Tenn.)

July 18.

We have been informed by two respectable gentlemen, that some time about the 4th of the present inst. perhaps on that very glorious day, a man by the name of Hicks living in the neighborhood of Nolensville, this in co. caught, on some small wager, 15 snakes in about twice that number of minutes, from a neighboring stream called Mill Creek. He had what he called a diver to assist him, whose duty it was to turn over the rocks, when woe betide any unfortunate water Moccasin (no matter how great his size, or how terrific his appearance,) who was lurking below: quick as tho't [sic] Hicks would pounce upon him; nab him somewhere near the head, and by no very friendly pressure cause him to open his mouth, when he would, bind him with some convenient strip of pawpaw bark round the under jaw and proceed on in the hunt. We have heard of a man living in one of the new counties of the Western District, who killed one hundred in a day, and pronounced it 'no great snaking at that.' Truly after the late exploit of Hicks, we are inclined to the same opinion. Why, the snake killer was a mere retail dealer to the catcher.