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Wednesday September 17, 1828
Volume 1 No. 29
Page 3 Col. 1a.

We understand that on last Friday, a murder was committed not far from Crutchfield's mill, by one O-lah [in Cherokee] who in a fit of intoxication thrust a butcher knife into the temple of another, Ah-ne-yvng-le, [in Cherokee].  The murderer has not yet been arrested.  Here again is another instance of the dreadful effects of ardent spirits.  How long shall we foster this evil?  Is it not time, high time to bestir ourselves, and make a vigorous exertion to put a stop to the progress of intemperance?- We are happy to state that the repeated instances of murder occasioned by ardent spirits, have had a good effect on individuals.  We hope the effect will become general, and that Whiskey will be considered as the most deadly poison, and be entirely discarded.