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Wednesday, September 10, 1828
Volume 1 No. 28
Page 3 Col. 1b-2a

  Cherokee Lands.- Gen. R. M. Saunders, who we a few weeks since mentioned, had repaired, under a commission from the Governor of this state, to Haywood County, to enter into contracts with divers Cherokee Indians, for a relinquishment of their claims to certain reservations of lands, some of which have been sold by the state returned last week to his residence in this town.  We learn that General has been successful in contracting for the extinguishment, at moderate price, of the Indian claims to twenty-six of these reservations, and entered into conditional contracts for the purchase of fifteen more-comprising all the reservations to which the Indians were enabled to establish valid claims.- These contracts are to be submitted to the Generally (sic) Assembly, for their ratification, before they can become binding on the state.  But; from the favourable (sic) terms upon which they have been entered into, we presume the Legislature will not hesitate to ratify them. --Western Carolinian 12th Aug.