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Wednesday September 10, 1828
Volume 1 No. 28
Page 2 Col. 2a

New Echota, September 8, 1828

Mr. Boudinott,
 Sir: Enclosed you will find the constitution of the Methodist Tract Society of the Cherokee Nation; which you can publish in the Phoenix if you think proper.  And hereafter I will furnish you with the proceedings of the Board of managers.

 Yours Respectfully.


 Of the Methodist Tract Society of the Cherokee Nation.- Adopted by said society on their organization, June 14th 1828 at Oougillogee.

 Art. 1 This association shall be denominated the Methodist Tract Society of the Cherokee Nation, auxiliary to the tract society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

 Art. 2 The business of the society shall be conducted by a President and Vice-President, corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and five managers, to be chosen at the annual meeting.

 Art. 3 It shall be the duty of the President, or in case of his absence the Vice President, or if both be absent, of a member chosen for the occasion, to take the chair, keep order and cause the business of the society to be transacted with propriety and despatch.

 Art. 4  It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the minutes of the Board of managers and of the Society, conduct the correspondence and prepare the annual report.

 Art. 5  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to take charge of the funds of the Society, answer all orders on the Treasury by the Board of Managers, and render an annual account to them of his receipts and expenditures.

 Art. 6. The Managers shall meet at such time and place as they may appoint for the transaction of business; they shall have power to adjourn their meetings at pleasure; and of their number three shall be a quorum.
 Art. 7.  Every annual subscriber paying twenty-five cents in advance shall be a member, and one dollar paid in advance, shall entitle them to membership for life.  Each subscriber shall be entitled to Tracts to the value of one half their subscription.  Ministers of the M. E. Church on the circuit or station, shall be considered ex officio members of the society, and all such preachers shall form or be considered a distributing committee for the purpose of distributing Tracts gratis, also to dispose of others to purchasers.

 Art. 8. A place or places of deposit shall be fixed by the Managers, and a depositary appointed who shall deliver tracts according to the direction of the Board, he shall keep an accurate account of the different Tracts received, their number and description, he shall be accountable to the board of Managers, and report to them when required, and pay over the money received from the sale of tracts to the Treasure.

 Art. 9. All moneys paid into the Treasury of this association after the necessary expenses are defrayed, shall be remitted to the Tract Society of the M. E. Church for the purchase of Tracts, to be distributed agreeably to this constitution.

 Art. 10. The Secretary shall give official notice of the establishment and prospects of this association, together with such information as will be likely to effect its objects, and shall forward the annual report to the Parent Society.

    JAMES I. TROTT,Pres't
   Nicholas D. Scales, Sec'y.