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Wednesday, August 27, 1828
Volume 1 No. 26
Page 3 Col. 1a

  Murder- On Sunday last we had a melancholy comment on the evils of intemperance and Sabbath breaking.  George Chapman a tailor by trade, had a quarrel with Daniel Wright,  labourer (sic) (both excessively intemperate drinkers,) and happening to meet about the middle of the day at Nares', just over the line between this village and Fayette, in Seneca County, they "talked it over" and were apparently reconciled.  According to a vulgar custom, however, they must ratify their treaty of amity over a bottle of whiskey, and here the smothered flame of resentment again burst forth.  Chapman swore he would kill Wright.  To escape danger Wright went into the granary and lay down on the oat bin.  Chapman followed a while afterwards, seized a spade, and repeated the threat.  Wright attempted to get up, but received a blow on the head which prostrated him, and which was followed by others in quick succession.  Chapman went to the house avowed what he had done and was taken into custody.  Wright died about an hour afterwards.  After the frenzy of the liquor subsided the mind of the wretched murder awakened to a sense of the horrid deed he had perpetrated and to the inevitable doom which awaits him. - Geneva Gaz.