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Wednesday August 20, 1828
Volume 1 No. 25
Page 2 Col. 1a

 Wednesday, August 20 1828

 In another part of our paper will be found a piece taken from the Little Rock (Ark.) Gazette, which goes to confirm the report we mentioned in our last, respecting the Arkansas Cherokee Delegation.- As the information is derived from the neighborhood of the Nation, we have no reason to question its correctness.

 Those of our readers, who have any knowledge of Indian treaties are aware that the one which seems to occasion so much dissatisfaction, is a liberal treaty; yet it is objected to.  Does not this fact prove that the Arkansas Cherokees are as averse to removal as we are?  Does it not show that the country to which we are invited, and which is recommended to us as an excellent, fertile, and healthy country, is unlike the Arkansas country, much less like our own?  for we must consider the Cherokees as good judges in this affair, by far better judges than many designing politicians.  We are sorry that there are self interested men in all Indian tribes, who will not scruple to sacrifice the interest of their people, and that the United States, instead of discountenancing, will enter into treaties with them, contrary to the feelings of the rest of their brethren.  If such a course is pursued, there is no hope for the Indians.