Cherokee Phoenix


Published August, 13, 1828

Page 3 Column 5b


About the middle of July last was stolen out of my Pocket at my house, a large Washed Leather POCKET-BOOK containing one note on the State Bank of Georgia for $10, one note of hand on Elijah Hicks for $85, payable sometime in October next; a receipt of Henry Megyr of the State of New York, for two notes on John Byers of the said State, and some other papers not recollected. To any person getting ' delivering said Book, papers, and money to me; I will give ten dollars and five for the apprehension of the rogue.

I do hereby forwarn [sic] all persons from trading for said note of Elijah Hicks. And I also forwarn [sic] Elijah Hicks from paying said note to any person excepting myself.


Coosewaytee Cherokee Nation, August 13, 1828.-24-th. _______________________________________

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An alligator, measuring eleven feet in length, was caught at Little Rock, on the Arkansas, the 13 ult. but not before nine rifle balls had been fired into his eyes and other parts of his head, was he overpowered.