Cherokee Phoenix


Published July, 30, 1828

Page 3 Column 5b


In accordance with the resolution of the National Committee and Council, pasted October 24th, 1827, requiring the Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation to call in all the money loaned our under the provisions of a previous act, on or before the first Monday of October next, I hereby give notice to all such as are indebted to the Treasury, to come and redeem their bonds by paying principal and interest, on the day that they become due, as such bonds cannot be renewed after the first Monday of October next. No indulgence will be given, and those who do not comply with the above requisition must expect to find their bonds in the hands of Officers.


Treas. of the Ch. Nat.

New Echota, July 23, 1828


The examination of the School at Creek Path, under the superintendence of the Rev. William Potter, will take place on the Friday preceding the second Sabbath in August.