Cherokee Phoenix


Published July, 21, 1828

Page 4 Column 4b-5a


When a lad an old gentleman took the trouble to teach me some knowledge of the world. With this view, I remember he one day asked me, When is man rich enough? I replied; when he has a thousand pounds. He said, No., Two thousand? No. Ten thousand? No. Twenty thousand? No.- A hundred thousand? which I thought would settle the business; but he still continued to say No. I gave it up and confessed I could not tell, but begged he would inform me. He gravely said, when he has a little more than he has, and that is -never! If he acquires one thousand, he wishes to have two thousand; then five, then ten, then twenty, then fifty; from that his riches would amount to an hundred thousand, and so on, till he had grasped the whole world; after which he would look about him, like Alexander, for other worlds to possess.

Many a proof have I had of the truth of this old gentleman's remarks, since he made them to me, and I am happy to say that I have discovered the reason. Full enjoyment-full satisfaction to the mind of man, can only be found in possessing God, with all his infinite perfections. It is only the Creator, not the creature, that can satisfy.


A waggoner [sic], who passed through Athens, Geo. sometime since, on being asked, 'where he was from?' gave the following answer:

'I am from Cow-born hill at Ox-feed ford of Yearling branch, which runs through Calf meadow, and empties into Heifer prong of Steer Creek, near Bullsborough in COWETA County, Georgia. My name is Stock-ton- was born on Elk River-brought up in Cattlebury, Kentucky: and I can yoke an ox, break a bull, or chase a buffaloe [sic] equal to a Prairie hunter, and skin any man opposed to Jackson.'


Reputation- The way, according to Socrates, to obtain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. 'Men' observes Shakespeare also, 'should be what they seem.'


The Osages who left this country last year, were at Frankfort, on the Main, where the public were admitted to them for a sum equal to about half-a-crown. From Frankfort they were to proceed to Dresden and Berlin.