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Wednesday July 21, 1828
Volume 1 No. 21
Page 2 Col. 3b.  

We have heard of late, in many of the Southern papers, the degraded state of our neighbors Creeks, and their rapid decline.  This may be true, but we protest against associating the Cherokees with them under the general name of "Southern Indians," as we have noticed in some of the northern prints.  We know that in the late session of Congress, we were denounced by some of our neighbors, as miserable and degraded, as the Creeks are now, but the public have been told that all was misrepresentation, intended merely to  electioneer us out of our present homes.  We repeat again that the Cherokees are not on the decline in numbers and improvement, and we hope we shall for this once be believed, and that the advocates of Indian emigration will urge the necessity of our removal upon some other reason than that of our degraded condition.