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Wednesday July 9, 1828
Volume I, No. 20
Page 2, col. 1b-2a

In our 18th number we noticed that a thief had entered the store of Mr. E. Hicks of this place, and taken various articles.  A certain individual who has been known to do the like before, was immediately suspected- a pursuit ensued, but it proved ineffectual.  Most of the stolen articles have since been returned, and there is now but little doubt left that the suspicion was correct.  We are even told, that during the night of the robbery, he was riding a stolen horse.  That our citizens may beware of this fellow, and that he may soon be overtaken by justice, we will give his name and request the officers of this District to bring him to deserved punishment. His name is TSU-SO-LUNG-TAH [ in Cherokee] He is a notorious thief.  It will not do to permit him to run at large much longer.