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Cherokee Phoenix
Wednesday, July 2, 1828
Vol. I, No. 19
Page 3, col. 3a

 AN IMITATION INDIAN.- A person made his appearance in the city on Thursday last, dressed in the costume of an Indian, and calling himself "Gen. William Ross," which is engraved upon an apparently silver breast plate.  He says his father is Daniel Ross, who is the Chief of the Cherokee Indians, and that he is an authorized agent of the nation.  He states a number of particulars, concerning the Cherokees, and says he was educated at Wilmington,  N.C.  He speaks the English language fluently, especially when he forgets himself-says he knows a little French, is perfectly familiar with the Cherokee, & can converse some in Choctaw. His dress is, red inexpressibles of some thin material, with shoes, a gown of wide-stripped calico, a red ribbon and a considerable quantity of wax beads round his neck-handkerchief, a kind of open worked vandyke, a wig of black, coarse hair, an ordinary hat trimmed fantastically, and tin bracelets round his wrists.  He is rather a small man, but with nothing of the true Indian in his form or gait.- Bunker Hill Aurora.