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Cherokee Phoenix
Wednesday, July 2, 1828
Vol. I, No. 19
Page 1, col. 1b


 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That in case of all contracts of debts payable in property, when the contracting parties have not specified any fixed period for payment,it shall be the duty of the creditor or agent to give the debtor ten days notice of a certain place of delivery to make payment according to contract, and if such notification be not complied with, it shall then be lawful for the proper officer to proceed, as the law directs, in levying upon, and disposing of at public sale to the highest bidder, the property of such debtor or debtors.  This to be an amendment to the act of 12th of Nov. 1825.
 New Echota, Oct. 28, 1826.
  JNO. ROSS, Pres't N. Com.
  MAJOR RIDGE,Speaker.
 A. M'COY,Clerk N. Com.
 E. BOUDINOTT, Clerk N. Coun.
 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That all improvements which may be left by any person or persons and       removing to another place, and the same shall remain unoccupied for the term of one year, shall be considered abandoned, and any other person or persons whatsoever may take and go in possession of such improvements in the same manner as if there were no improvements.  This act to be an amendment to the one passed 10th Nov. 1825, and to take effect from the present date.
 New Echota, Oct. 14, 1826.

  JNO. ROSS, Pres't. N. Com.
  MAJOR RIDGE,Speaker.
A.M'COY, Clerk of the N. Com.
E. BOUDINOTT, Clk. N. Coun.
 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That in case the rightful owner or owners of any property, which may be sold under the stray laws, shall discover their property and produce good and sufficient proof before the National Treasurer, within the period of eighteen months after the money has been paid into the National Treasury, in such cases the owner or owners of such property shall be entitled to receive the net proceeds derived from the sales of his, her, or their  property; and this law shall be an amendment to that passed on the 25th October 1825, providing for the appointment of Rangers, and to take effect from the date of the amendment.
 New Echota, Oct. 28., 1826.
   JNO. ROSS, Pres't. N. Com.
   MAJOR RIDGE, Speaker.
 A. M'COY, Clerk N. Com.
 E. BOUDINOTT, Clerk of N. Council.