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Cherokee Phoenix
Wednesday, June 11, 1828
Vol. I, No. 16
Page 2, col. 2b

 The following is a letter from the Choctaw Chiefs, to Col. Thos. L. M'Kenney.

      October 17, 1827

 BELOVED BROTHER: We rejoice to have taken you by the hand, and that the Great Spirit above has given you health and strength to perform a long and tedious road.  Our hearts are proud; we have attentively listened to your talk, and, after much thinking and consultation, we are sorry we cannot agree to your proposition of yesterday.  It was the talk of a friend.  We are thankful for your advice, but more than sorry that we have been unanimous in declining to accept it.- It always gives us pain to disagree to a friend's talk.  We are poor and blind people, and need much advice and indulgence.  You gave us much good advice.  If you had the power to do everything, and it had not to go into other hands, it might be different.- We have confidence in you. We hope to part friends, as we met friends; and, although we do not agree to your proposition for an exchange of country, we would have no objection, if your Great Father would permit, although not with any view to exchange our country, to let six of our people go with our older brothers, the Chickasaws, and return home by the way of the Arkansas.  We make this proposal because you suggested it in council.

 We now wish you a plain straight path home, and that health and happiness may attend you.

   Your friends and brothers,
    David Folsom,
    Tapena Homme, his x mark.
    Greenwood Leflore, &c., &c.