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Cherokee Phoenix
Vol. I No. 14
Wednesday, May 28, 1828
Pg. 1 Col. 1b


New Town, Nov. 12, 1825.

 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That mechanics of the several branches of trade, of good character and sobriety, and well skilled in their respective professions are hereby privileged and admitted to come into the Cherokee Nation for the term of four or five years under the request & superintendence of such respectable individuals as are interested in the improvement of the youths of this country, who shall obtain from the proper authority a permit for them.  Such mechanics when brought into the nation, shall be bound to set up a shop and carry on their trade regularly, for the time permitted, and shall further be bound to take under their care for instruction as many apprentices as practicable, and to learn them their respective crafts; and

Be it further resolved, That the district courts be, and they are, hereby authorized to bind out such youths with the consent and approbation of their parents or guardians as may apply for admission as apprentices to any of the aforesaid mechanics, such mechanics entering into bond and giving such person or persons introducing them into the nation as securities, that they will honestly and faithfully instruct such apprentices as maybe bound under them, in their trade; and the mechanics and securities are authorized to call upon, and it shall be the duty of any public officer to arrest and return any apprentice, that may runaway; and further, the various mechanics introduced, under this law, shall be amenable to the authorities and laws of this nation, for any offence they may commit.
 By order of the National Committee
 JNO. ROSS. Pres't N. Com.
A. M'COY, Clerk of the N. Com.
E. BOUDINOTT, Clk. N. Coun.
 New Town, Nov. 12, 1825.

 Resolved by the National committee and Council, That all persons who may be subpoenaed by the clerk of any of the courts, to appear before any of the courts as evidence in any case, and such person or persons refusing to appear and bear evidence, and he, she, or they being unable to make any reasonable or lawful excuse for not appearing, such person or persons, upon conviction, shall pay a fine of twenty dollars for ever such offence, to be collected for the benefit of the person or persons non-suited, or cast in consequence of the want of that person or persons' testimony; and
 Be it further resolved, That such witnesses, attending agreeably to the summons, he, she, or they shall be entitled to receive seventy -five cents per day for each day's attendance including the time for going and returning, and to be levied off the person or persons against whom judgments may be issued.  These resolutions to be considered as amendments to the law passed Nov. 12th 1824; and to supersede the section embracing similar cases.

 By order of the National Committee,
  JNO. ROSS. Pres't N. Com.
A. M'COY, Clerk N. Com.
E. BOUDINOTT, Clerk, N. Council,

 New Town, Nov. 12, 1824
 Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That one hundred town lots of one acre square, be laid off on the Oosteuallah River, commencing below the mouth of the creek, nearly opposite to the mouth of Caunausauga River.  The public square to embrace two acres of ground, which town shall be known and called Echota; there shall be a main street of sixty feet and the other streets shall be fifty feet wide.
 Be it further resolved, That the lots when laid off, be sold to the highest bidder.  The purchasers right shall merely be occupancy, and transferable only to lawful citizens of the Cherokee Nation, and the proceeds arising from the sales of the lots shall be appropriated for the benefit of the public buildings in said town; and
 Be it further resolved, That three commissioners be appointed to superintend the laying off the aforesaid lots marking and numbering the same, and to act as chain-carriers and a surveyor be employed to run off the lots and streets according to the plan prescribed.  The lots to be commenced running off on the second Monday in February next, and all the ground lying within the following bounds, not embraced by the lots shall remain vacant as commons for the convenience of the town; viz; beginning at the mouth of the creek, opposite the mouth of Caunausauga, & up said creek to the mouth of the dry branch, on which George Hicks lives, up said branch to the point of the ridges and thence in a circle round along said ridges, by the place occupied by Crying Wolf, thence to the river.
 By order of the N. Committee.
  JNO. ROSS. Pres't N. Com
  MAJOR RIDGE, Speaker.
Approved- PATH x KILLER
A. M'COY, Clerk National Com.
E. BOUDINOTT, Clk. N. Council.