Cherokee Phoenix


Published April, 24, 1828

Page 3 Column 5c


We were in hopes of obtaining for the columns of our paper, a biographical notice of the late Rev. John Gambold, one of the first Missionaries to this Nation. At present, we merely give a Notice of his death, sent to us by a bereaved fellow laborer.- We take pleasure in inserting it, though at this late hour.

Departed from this life, November 7th 1827, at Moravian Missionary station at Oehgelogy among the Cherokees, the Rev. John Gambold, aged 67 years, 4 months and 21 days of a pectoral dropsy.

His faithfulness, humility, and zeal for the missionary cause, in behalf of which he sacrificed everything, his childlike confidence in the heavenly Father, which was never shaken, even in the most difficult and pressing circumstances, his philanthropic, collected, and highly circumspect behavior in word and deed, which was so peculiarly adapted to the character of the nation, among which he preached the Gospel, and by which he was esteemed and loved as a Father-all these qualities will insure to the dear deceased, a grateful and glorious tribute in the ranks of departed and illustrious missionaries.