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Thursday, April 3, 1828
Vol. I, No.7
Page 3, col. 4b-5

 A Second Troup.[sic] - His Excellency Governor Forsyth, of Georgia, appears to possess a full portion of the spirit of his predecessor, in the office of chief magistrate of the above mentioned state.  It is well known that the Cherokee Indians in the state of Georgia, have made such advances in civilization and the arts, as to have established over themselves a regular form of government, with tribunals of justice, &c. and that they are making rapid advances in every species of improvement in civilized life.  Among other things they have established schools, and a printing press, and bid fair, in short time, to become a well ordered, respectable community.-- In this state of things, and with such a prospect before them, Governor Forsyth has issued a proclamation, the object of which is obvious.  It is to break up this tribe, drive them away after the Creeks to the wilderness, crush every effort towards civilization, and destroy all the hopes of improvement which have thus far been entertained in behalf of this injured people.--N. Y. Dai. Adv.