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Thursday, February 28, 1828
Vol. I, No.2
Pages 2 and 3, col. 5b-col. 1a


This is to certify that Skiagusta Oconesta, a Cherokee Chief and Warrior, having confirmed as Williamsburgh in Virginia the Peace lately concluded at Charles Town in South Carolina between His Majesty's subjects and the Cherokee Indians, and being desirous of paying his Respects to His Majesty, and seeing this Country, did, in the Month of June last, arrive here with ten of his Followers, and was admitted to His Majesty's Royal Presence, and that his Majesty was graciously pleased to receive kindly the Assurances of Attachment which the said Skiagusta Oconesta gave, and that His Majesty was further pleased to express much Satisfaction upon this Occasion, and to declare to Skiagusta Oconesta his Regard for him, and for the whole Cherokee Nation, and his Majesty having ordered proper Attention to be shown to the said Skiagusta Oconesta during his stay in England, and having given him other Marks of his Royal Favor, directed one of his ships of War to receive and carry him back to his own Country.  Whitehall, August the Sixteenth, 1762.