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Tuition and Financial Aid



In the UNC system, summer school tuition is calculated per credit hour, allowing maximum flexibility for students. Most courses offered are three credit hours, with a few exceptions. 

Financial Aid is available through Pell Grants. learn more about Financial Aid

Summer 2020 Distance Tuition and Fees

All classes for Summer 2020 will be charged Distance Tuition and Fees.

Student Type Resident Non-resident
Undergraduate $154.26 $505.37
Undergraduate EMC $177.91 $529.02
Graduate $246.57 $529.02
Graduate DPT $286.77 $610.37
Graduate CSD $305.39 $526.99
Graduate CRNA $481.86 $703.46
Graduate DNP  $481.86 $703.46
Graduate Business $290.69 $556.17
Graduate FNP $275.98 $497.58
Graduate MSW $257.98 $497.58
Graduate MSAT $329.90 $551.50
Military* $154.26 $250.00

  *For any student enrolled in a distance learning program using Dept. of Defense or VA education benefits

Program Fees per Semester Hour

Athletic Training $13.51
Dietetics $8.45
Emergency Medical Care $23.65
Engineering $5.07
Environmental Health $3.38
Fine Arts $8.45
Recreational Therapy $3.38
Honors College $0.51
Social Work $11.82


2020 Residence Hall Information

Due to conditions related to COVID-19, all Residence Halls will be closed for the Summer 2020 sessions.   

Is Financial Aid Available for Summer School?

Summer financial aid awards are packaged separately from fall and spring awards. Types of financial aid available for summer include Pell Grants, student and parent loans, and scholarship opportunities. Since summer semester is part of the academic year just completed, only unused eligibility for student and/or parent loans can be awarded. Your eligibility for loans also depends on your grade level, since maximum annual loan eligibility varies with grade level.

Pell Grants

We are pleased that Pell Grants are again available for summer term.  Year-round Pell allows students to receive up to 150% of their regular grant award over an academic year, allowing them to take advantage of summer classes and finish on or ahead of schedule.  As with spring and fall, students may receive 50% of their regular grant award for summer term instruction.  Summer Pell usage will not impact eligibility for the 2020 Fall semester.

Transfer Students - FASFA

If you are transferring to Western Carolina University, you may be eligible for some of the same types of aid you received at your previous school, but will still need to go through the full awarding process. To begin this process, you will need to log into your existing FAFSA to add our school code. 

To apply for summer financial aid:

  • For Summer 2020, you must have completed a 2019-20 FAFSA.
  • Undergraduate students must enroll for a minimum of six hours; graduate students must enroll for a minimum of three hours.

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